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The Inside Out Planter

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Bound together with a passion for natural material, plants, and ecological products. We combined our knowledge and experience to create a user-friendly product and an optimal solution for plants to thrive indoors.

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Water Bank

Works as a water bank

No soil, no dirt, only water... The tevaplanter is a vessel that acts as a water bank. Water is slowly diffused through the material to the cells.

Constant Access to Water and Air

Roots have constant access to water and air

We’ve created a parametric design that provides a shape and texture to allow plant roots to grip the surface.

100% Reusable

100% reusable

The tevaplanter is made from 100% natural materials and you can re-use it with new plants anytime.

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Design your urban jungle

The naked tevaplanters’ aesthetic was designed to match any urban interior living space.


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Delight your loved ones with tevaplanter

Fill with water, See your plants grow, Start over anytime, Unlimited Combinations


The Vision

We created our proprietary ceramic material that has just the right amount of porosity and hygroscopic tendencies to allow water to diffuse through the material and allow the plant to grow on the surface of the material.

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