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Introducing the tevaplanter: Elevate your space with effortless gardening. Experience smart, self-watering technology and personalized care recommendations through the Guide to Green. Grow beautifully, anywhere.
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A compact size, with a height of 22.8 cm and a 11.4 cm-inch base and weighs 1 kg, makes it suitable for various spaces.

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tevaplanter is shipping Worldwide: We ship any other orders directly from our warehouses in the EU*

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The processing time to fulfill your order is usually 2-3 business days. When the order has been fulfilled by our team, an automatic email will be sent with your tracking information (tracking number, courier company, link).

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What's In The Box?
  • Chia Packet: Every tevaplanter is accompanied by a chia seed packet, ensuring you're all set for your initial planting! (Available for shipments to the US & EU only)

  • Body: Designed to nurture plant and seed growth on its surface, the body retains water for the roots to absorb. Its unique shape and texture also provide the perfect support for roots to cling to.

  • Lid: The lid is engineered to keep the water within the vessel pristine and to deter mosquitoes.

  • Hydrophobic Base: This feature captures any excess water and is water-resistant, safeguarding the surface beneath from water damage.

  • Rubber Bands: These are specifically provided to secure plant plugs, cuttings, mother plants, and replanted potted plants to the surface, ensuring they remain in place as they bond with the body.

  • Guide to Green: Each tevaplanter includes an in-depth guide, offering insights into various growing techniques and maintenance tips, to help you nurture your green thumb.
What plants can I grow?
The tevaplanter is compatible with a vast array of plant species, making it an ideal platform for a diverse range of houseplants typically found in pots. It particularly excels with plants indigenous to jungles, rainforests, or areas close to water bodies, offering a natural habitat for these species to thrive. Notable examples suitable for the tevaplanter include:

  • Orchids
  • Ferns
  • Begonias
  • Hoyas
  • Moss
  • Dischidia

  • These examples represent entire families, encompassing thousands of species, each with its unique characteristics and requirements. To assist with the selection and care of these plants, each tevaplanter comes with a detailed guide. We provide all information on our Guide to Green web pages as well. These guides provides extensive information on matching plant types with their care instructions, ensuring the best possible success for your green companions.
    Where can I get seeds and/or plants?
    Plants and seeds can be found at your local plant nursery. Although both plants and seeds can also be purchased online. For optimal growth, refer to our recommended plant list tailored for success! You can get several types of seeds like buckwheat, sinapis, flax, watercress, chia etc. at your local health food store. Plants grown on the tevaplanter are not intended for consumption.
    Is it possible to grow herbs?
    While many herbs typically require substantial growth space and deep root systems, making the Tevaplanter less ideal for them, it can still support the growth of certain herbs. However, its design shines particularly with edible seeds known for sprouting:

  • Chia
  • Buckwheat
  • Sinapis (mustard)
  • Flax
  • Watercress

  • These can sprout and thrive on the tevaplanter for several weeks. Plants grown on the tevaplanter are meant for ornamental use and are not intended for consumption.
    How do plants get their nutrients or fertilizer?
    The appropriate nutrients or fertilizer can be dissolved in water and sprayed directly onto the plant roots which are visible on the exterior surface of the tevaplanter. Each tevaplanter will come with a guide that will include more information and care instructions.
    Can I use normal tap water?
    In most cases, yes. However, if there is an issue with the quality of the water in your area or if the water contains a lot of limestone (calcium) then we suggest filtering the water before using it with the tevaplanter. Besides filtering the water, there are other simple solutions that we have tested to get suitable water, including; collecting rainwater or A/C water or simply using distilled water.
    How often do I need to add water?
    The tevaplanter acts as a water bank for the plant - slowly releasing water from the interior cavity through the walls to the plant roots on the exterior surface. The rate of perspiration and evaporation is dependent on the temperature and humidity levels in the room. Our estimated range is around 5-15 days. To see when you need to add water, simply lift the lid and peek into the tevaplanter. Each tevaplanter will come with a guide that will include more information and care instructions.
    Can it be used to grow indoors & outdoors?
    This really depends on the type of plant. We recommend growing on your tevaplanter indoors and in a well-lit area. Despite our recommendation for indoor growing, we have also successfully grown on the tevplanter outdoors. When growing outdoors you should take care to try and avoid strong winds and direct sunlight for long durations.
    How long can a plant live for on the tevaplanter
    This depends on the type of plant. Sprouting seeds (ie, chia, buckwheat, sinapis, flax, watercress) can sprout and grow on the tevplanter for several weeks. Grass, for example, will sprout and last for months. On the other hand, some other plants like ferns, begonia, hoyas, etc… can grow for years! Each tevaplanter will come with a guide that will include more information and care instructions.
    What is the material?
    The material is ceramic. Ceramic is made from a composition of different types of clays and minerals. We studied the material deeply, scanning our material in labs in order to develop the material with optimal balance of porosity and hygroscopic tendencies to fit the widest range of plant types.
    Will the material last?
    Ceramic material is a 100% natural and inorganic material which doesn’t decompose. It can last for many years. By the way, our early prototypes from 4+ years back are still as good as new.
    Does it come with seeds or plants?
    We include Chia seeds for your first grow! (US & EU Shipments Only)
    Do you ship worldwide?
    We are happy to offer shipping worldwide.
    Can I pay in several installments ?
    Yes. We are happy to offer SHOP PAY INSTALLMENTS which allow you to split your purchase into 4 equal installment payments. We accept payments via Shop Pay from the following countries: the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR China, Japan, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, France, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, and Romania. Rates from 0%-36% APR. Payment options through Shop Pay Installments, are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners: Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required. State notices to consumers

    Design your urban jungle

    Cretan brake
    Cretan brake
    Pteris cretica
    Kangaroo Fern
    Kangaroo Fern
    Microsorum diversifolium
    Amaranthus viridis
    African Violets
    African Violets
    Streptocarpus sect. Saintpaulia
    Lace Flower Vine
    Lace Flower Vine
    Alsobia dianthiflora
    Maidenhair fern
    Maidenhair fern
    Adiantum raddianum
    Rabbit Foot Fern
    Rabbit Foot Fern
    Davallia Fejeensis
    Ficus bonsai
    Ficus bonsai
    Ficus microcarpa
    Grass / tall fescue
    Grass / tall fescue
    Festuca arundinacea
    Birds nest fern
    Birds nest fern
    Asplenium nidus
    Creeping fig
    Creeping fig
    Ficus pumila
    Baby Tears
    Baby Tears
    Soleirolia soleirolii

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Amazing - wish I ordered more!

    So good, great packaging, perfect for the office.

    I wish I ordered more!

    Love it!

    Ordered from Indigogo campaign and it worth the wait. The planter is beautiful and working perfectly. I also bought one to make a gift, it has created the surprise effect I was expecting ;)

    Emy Charon
    beau produit enfin arrivé

    Après avoir acheté un Tevaplanter, j'ai attendu 1 an et demi pour la livraison. Mais une fois livré le Tevaplanter était conforme à la description, un beau travail de terre cuite. Reste à attendre que mes petites plantes se mettent à pousser :-) (Reçu il y a 4 jours).

    Très qualitatif

    Contente d'en avoir pris 3, j'ai hâte d'y faire mes premières plantations :)

    An Interested Planter
    Haven’t had a chance yet!!

    The planter come in a great well protected box. They looked great and in good condition, no cracks. My orchids haven’t finished blooming yet to repot them. I am chopping at the bit to try them!! Can wait to see how health the orchids will look with out rotting roots!!