Our vision was to re-imagine the centuries old planter. The idea
was simple, yet the task was complex. Bound together with a
passion for natural material, plants, and ecological products - we
combined our knowledge and experience to create a
user-friendly product and an optimal solution for plants to thrive

We believe in nature-inspired technology, we love plants, and we see things differently.

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Eran Zarhi

Product Designer & Plant Lover

“I’ve had this fascination for plants since I was a child. In recent years it has evolved and has attached itself to new interests that I have, branching out into new places. In this project I combined my passion and expertise in design to create a product that I can proudly share with my friends, family, and now the rest of the world.”

Elad Burko

Eco-entrepreneur & Branding

“The past decades have shown us that the way we see nature needs to change. There is a pertinent and growing urgency for smart, ecological design. This tevaplanter not only meets these demands but is aesthetically stunning. Since creating this product, I see places in need of a tevaplanter everywhere I go.”

Roy Burko

IT Specialist & Gamer

“An ardent tech enthusiast with a knack for mastering diverse skills, I'm passionately immersed in cutting-edge technology and the digital realm. My proactive approach propels our innovative e-commerce ventures forward."

Story of tevaplanter

Time escapes us in the fast paced world of today. We often focus on the end result and not the process… eager to taste the fruits of life while missing out on the joy of the journey itself.

Our initial obstacle was the development process of the product. We needed to slow down the pace of working in order to see and focus on details that needed to be worked, re-worked, re-designed,  tested, and iterated. Once we came to a working solution we moved to the next challenge which involved the plants. Here we needed to slow down even more and enter the time-scale of plants, waiting days and sometimes weeks to see if it grows, how it will grow, what grows, what doesn’t, and why. Bringing us back to the drawing board time and again. 

There is a sense of patience that develops when you enter the time-scale of plants. There is beauty that we came to see in every process of the plants' life. At first, to us they looked stuck in time, immobile. But photographing them this past year, every couple of minutes, revealed the magic of the natural process that plants go through. They’re constantly in motion; dancing.

The tevaplanter has a very visible timeline as you can see the process of plant growth on the surface - from seeds sprouting to roots grasping and growing looking for water, leaves extending towards the light, and flowers blooming. 

The process itself is the reward. We hope you will enjoy every moment of growing your tevaplanter. 

Eran studied at the Holon Institute of Technology. Lecturer: Galina Arbely