Mother Plant

Sustain Growth with Original Planter Attachment


Mother Plant

Mother Plant

The Mother plant method allows plants to grow while still attached to an original planter. The mother plant provides strength for the attached plant, feeding it with water and nutrients until it has grown a strong and independent roots system that sustains itself. Once this happens, we cut the connection, resulting in two individual plants. Similar to the cutting method, plants suitable for this method are the climbing and creeping varieties that can grow roots from their joints and stem.

We consider this method "playing it safe". The plant is already stable, so it won't have to overcome the shock of adjusting to a new home. Still, it is important to note that this process can take time and requires patience.



Setting Up Climbing Plants: It's crucial to select a suitable plant that can develop roots along the stem. Select a healthy climbing or creeping plant. Position the tevaplanter and the healthy mother plant side by side.


 Connecting the Plant to tevaplanter: Start by attaching the plant to the tevaplanter while it's still growing in its original pot. This method allows the plant to root in its new home without losing fluids or energy until the new roots grow.


Securing the Stem with a Rubber Band: Use a rubber band to attach the stem to the surface of the tevaplanter. Ensuring the stem makes as much contact with the surface as possible increases the chances of the plant rooting well.


Filling with Water: Fill the tevaplanter with water and continue watering the plant in its original pot. It's very important to place the setup in a well-lit area, as plants thrive on light.


Root Development on the Surface: Over time, roots will begin to grow on the surface of the tevaplanter. Once the root system is sufficiently developed, you can cut the connection between the new plant and the mother plant.


Now you've got two plants!


Key to success!

Ensure that the mother plant is regularly watered and fertilized when needed to maintain its health and vitality and growth on the tevaplanter.

Mother Plant