Plant Plugs

Beautiful from the get go


Plant Plugs

Plant Plugs

Plant plugs are young plants in their early stage of development. We really like using plugs because they are small and can be placed all around the Tevaplanter surface to give you a beautiful result right away - and look as if they've been there all along.

This process starts by gently separate the soil from the plug being careful not to damage the root system. Then simply mount the plug to the Tevaplanter surface with a rubber band - making sure the roots are secured and touching the surface. The young plant plug may be in a state of shock at first, but with time, water and care the plant will overcome and get used to it's new home.



Choosing the Right Plug: After the right plug has been chosen, the next step is to cleanse the soil with water. It's crucial during this stage to ensure that the roots of the plug are not damaged in the process.


Securing the Plug: Position rubber bands at the lower part of the vessel to secure the plug in place. This ensures that the plug remains stable and oriented correctly for optimal growth


Attaching the Plug to the Surface: Carefully attach the plug to the surface, ensuring that the roots make direct contact with the moist surface. This step is crucial for the immediate absorption of water by the roots.


Completing Setup: Continue attaching additional plugs as needed to fill the surface, arranging them according to your aesthetic preference. This step contributes to the functional aspect and personalization of the tevaplanter.


Removing the Rubber Band: Over time the plants will grow roots and will hold themselves, at this stage it will be possible to take off the rubber band.


Key to success!

Arrange the fern plugs on the lower 'wetter' section of the tevaplanter. Over time, the plugs will grow upwards, covering the tevaplanter.

Plant Plugs