A Guide to Thriving TransPlants




Replanting is a method of transferring a plant from a planter to Tevaplanter. The process requires carefully removing the plant and gently removing soil from the root system, and finally mounting and securing the plant roots onto your Tevaplanter.

The transition and adjustment is arguably the hardest period in your plant’s life, as it may be in shock from the sudden move. To greatly improve its chances of recovery and success, choose a suitable plant - one in a small planter that appears to be in good health - and water it one day before replanting.



Choosing the Right Plant: Transferring plants from their initial pots to a tevaplanter is a standard practice. However, it's essential to choose a plant that is not only compatible with the tevaplanter but also thrives in your specific environment. Ensuring the plant's suitability for both its new home and the local climate can lead to a more seamless acclimatization and enhanced growth potential.


Selecting an Appropriately Sized Plant: When choosing a plant for the tevaplanter, it's beneficial to opt for a relatively small one. This size consideration is important for two reasons: it ensures the plant will adapt and grow well on the tevaplanter, and it minimizes the need to remove excess soil, which could potentially damage the roots during the transplanting process.


 Separating Soil from Roots: Carefully remove the soil from the roots, preferably by washing them with water. It's vital to keep the roots as intact as possible and avoid damaging them throughout this process. Maintaining the integrity of the roots is key to the plant's ability to recover and thrive after being replanted.


Attaching the Plant to the Moist Surface: Firmly attach the plant to the tevaplanter moist surface, maximizing root contact. To ease transition stress, consider placing the plant in a glass or transparent container temporarily, maintaining high humidity for better adaptation and growth.


Key to success!

Choose a suitable small plant that appears to be in good health and water it one day before replanting.